Follow the Magnolias

 As you explore the grounds at Pinewild, you’ll discover a series of stately and historic Magnolia trees lining one of the community’s main thoroughfares.  Back when the land housed a working farm and hunting lodge, the trees lined a the one-mile path leading to the Village of Pinehurst.   It’s said that, when someone was looking to travel between the short-distance between historic Village and the land now known as Pinewild, they would say “Follow the Magnolias,” and the trees would guide the way.

Today, the once “modern” Village is seemingly suspended in time with many of its historic buildings offering countless services to residents and guests. It’s a picture-perfect community where residents and golf pilgrims gather for food, fun, comradery, as well as special occasions such as a truly extraordinary Fourth of July fireworks celebration. 

Dining experiences are unforgettable, ranging from the open-air cafes to gourmet cuisine. Inviting pubs often feature live entertainment, and the local charm is enhanced with clothing shops, antique shops, pottery craftsman palm, and specialty stores. With a storied past and exciting future, the Village of Pinehurst is a unique blend of relaxed Southern charm and hospitality with a dash of Yankee sparkle!

Living History

The story of the village of Pinehurst begins in 1895. James Walker Tufts, the son of a blacksmith and early pioneer of soda fountain equipment and supplies, had grown financially wealthy, but by the early 1890s, his health began to fail. He took trips to Florida during the winter to rest and recuperate. And, never staying too far from his roots, looked to create a place where all could afford to visit and escape the harsh northeastern winters.

Villager Deli customers on patio
Magnolia tree

His original vision for Pinehurst was to recreate a New England style village. To that end, he hired Frederick Law Olmsted (who designed New York City’s Central Park) to create the new town.  Soon after, a very “modern” village began to take shape, with paved streets, electricity, and a telephone system.  Olmstead planted over 200,000 shrubs and trees to provide some color and greenery to the otherwise barren landscape. And although golf was an afterthought during the early days of Pinehurst, in the 120+ years since its founding, it has become the highly acclaimed centerpiece

Directions to Pinewild

4 Glasgow Drive, Pinehurst, NC 28374

GPS to Gate: 85 Glasgow Drive, Pinehurst, NC

To Access the 211 Gate

From the Pinehurst traffic circle, proceed west on Highway 211 towards West End.

The entrance is 4.1 miles from the traffic circle on the left  [intersection being Highway 211 West and 85 Glasgow Drive, Pinehurst NC].

Please do not attempt to access Pinewild through the unmanned Resident gate at the lake. This gate only allows for access with an automatic card reader.

To Access the Linden Road Gate

From the Pinehurst traffic circle, proceed west on Highway 2 towards Pinehurst for approximately 1.2 miles until you reach the intersection of Highway 5.

Take a right and proceed north on Highway 5.

Linden Road will be the third street on your left.

Take a left on Linden and proceed 1 mile to the Pinewild entrance which will be on your right.